My Top 5 Travel Nurse Agencies

During these times nurses have been entering the travel world more than ever. I decided to list my personal top 5 favorite agencies, with 1 being the best (in my opinion). This list is also geared towards LPN’s, there a lot of amazing, top ranked TNAs but they only work with RNS. If you are coming across this and are thinking about becoming a travel nurse temporarily or permanently, take a quick look at this list and check these agencies out!

5-Dedicated Nursing Associates (DNA)

I have a love hate relationship with DNA. I love how quick I can get a travel assignment, most of the facilities they work with they have a direct relationship. I have never waited more than two days for a offer. The quickest turn around for me with them has been 4 hours. I also like the fact that they staff all around NC, I live in SC so it’s nice to be able to drive an hour away to get to work and be able to stay home with my family. DNA’s pay is also the highest I have received working as a travel nurse. The health insurance price was wonderful also, just for myself I paid less than $80 a week.

Even with the pay being top notch and amazing turnaround, I couldn’t get past the lack of support that came from the company and the unprofessionalism that came from my recruiter. After talking with other travel nurses, I heard the same complaints about a few of their recruiters. There were also a few times where I had to wait at least a week to get my paycheck because someone dropped the ball somewhere.

Now I’ve heard some nurses say DNA would be number one on their list, and I’ve heard some say they would never work for them again. For me right now I’m somewhere in the middle.

4-Travel Max

I like travel max because they have so many corrections contracts. Their corrections contracts pay pretty well, unless its NC, for some reason NC corrections pay is just not that great. I had two different recruiters with TM and they were both amazing. The turn around was pretty fast also. Communication and professionalism is top notch in my experience. They also have plenty of contracts out west (this is my favorite area of the country) I also like the fact that if you’re ready to settle down from the travel life, you can work PRN locally with them or even work in their Home Health Care division. The health insurance was a little on the pricy side so I opted out while working with them.

I tried HHC with them, but they only had Peds at the time and I just could not handle sick children, something about seeing a sick child does something to me. It makes me think about my own children, then I get sad, and it’s just a mess!

The housing department is great and payroll is on the ball. My first direct deposit with them did not go as planned and they FedEx’d a live check from Tampa FL to my hotel OVERNIGHT, so they will always have a A+ in my book. The majority of their contracts are 13 weeks, so make sure you are ready to be in for the long haul if this is your first time traveling. I haven’t had any bad experiences with Travel Max so far.

3- Trusted Health

I discovered Trusted Health while looking for COVID-19 contracts. I like them for one reason..everything is done online through the portal! If you have taken a skills test within the last six months you can upload the results and not worry about taking the test(s) over again. It took me a matter of hours to get through the signup process. Once you are done you get “Matches,” depending on your specialty, shift preference, and available start date you can get up to 10 matches after you are done signing up. Once you favorite a match, you request an interview, you will enter requested days off here also. Your recruiter will either text you or call you after you have requested an interview for more information.

I also like how contracts are updated in real time, so you don’t have to worry about contacting a recruiter every time you’re interested in what new contracts have come through for the day.

Benefits include day 1 health, dental, vision coverage, and professional liability insurance. Medical insurance cost start at $40/week. They insure through Aetna as well as Kaiser if you reside in Hawaii. They do not offer a 401k plan at this time.

My recruiter communicated with me as late as 10pm, this was a plus for me also. I love when I can get in contact with someone whenever I need them. I think most nurses will love the overall modern feel that this agency has, plus they are owned and ran by nurses!

If you’re interested you can sign up here

2- Medical Solutions (merged with 360 healthcare)

I worked for this company back when they were 360 Healthcare. My favorite thing was the 30 contracts they had. When you signed up for one of their quick contracts you received paid housing and a rental car on top of your weekly pay (which was great), unfortunately they do not offer these types of contracts anymore. MS is still a wonderful company; the recruiters are there for you from beginning to end. They have lots of contract options and contract length options. My recruiter also had my back when it came to protecting me from the facility. Their health insurance is very expensive, I opted out but heard from other nurses that is well worth the price.

The employee perks MS offers are great also. Discounts with Verizon Wireless, Hertz car rentals, Med Couture Scrubs, WonderWink Scrubs, and more.

1-Supplemental Healthcare

Right now, Supplemental is on the top of my list. Every time I’m ready for a new assignment, I have at least 10 options to choose from. I was to start a contract last Monday but was canceled due to low census, my recruiter worked, and I had another offer the next day.

Sometimes we see things happen in healthcare that shouldn’t, when you do you inform your recruiter. Some agencies have been known to sadly turn a blind eye to some situations but supplemental has a Quality Assurance department made up of seasoned nurses. I love this because when there is an issue in a facility, you can speak with them and they know exactly why you have a concern or why you feel uncomfortable in certain situations.

Supplemental also has a wide variety of specialties. LTAC, LTC, Psych, Corrections, and hospitals. Many agencies only have LTC and sometimes Corrections when it comes to placing LPNs. Insurance ranges between $28-$180 a week. Benefits include: Medical, dental, and vision insurance provided by United Healthcare (eligible after 30 days of work, discounts on pet insurance, 401k (after one month of employment), transportation savings account, and much more. The housing department is really helpful also, they don’t just send you names of local hotels. They actually send you places where previous nurses have had luck and also discounts for hotels.

You can apply to Supplemental here

Remember keep your options wide and sign up with more than one agency. Always research a company, read the reviews good and bad before making your decision. Never let your recruiter pressure you into an assignment and most of all have fun while you’re on the road!

This post does include affiliate links, meaning if you click the link, decided to work for the company I will get a small cash bonus. Keep in mind I linked these companies because of I have previously or currently worked for them and enjoyed my experience. The decision to work for any company is always yours and should not be based solely on this post.

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