Decorating with sugar lace

Sugar lace has got to be on my top 5 list of items to decorate treats and cakes with. With the right placement, a pure white sugar lace decoration can turn the simplest treat into something elegant. We all know that regular lace is very is sugar lace..I think it’s even more fragile than the real thing. Preparation, practice, and the right tools will remove tons of unnecessary stress when working with this sweet delicacy.

Get the right tools

When working with lace you’ll need a really good pre-made mixture or homemade mixture, a good quality lace mat and/or lace mold, icing spreaders, cookie sheet, a small dusting brush, cake glue, and lots of patience.

I use both pre-made and homemade sugar lace mixes. Magic Decor and Martellato Sugar Dress are my go-tos. The instructions are pretty straight forward for both products. I will say that with Martellato I used a little less water than the instructions called for. I made all the lace on the cake above with Martellato Sugar Dress and had a good amount left over. Magic Decor gives you way more than enough, perfect for bakers who use sugar lace a lot.

For my lace mat I have my go to mat by Beasea. Its made of silicone and the size is perfect. It held up great in the oven, and the lovely purple color was a plus also. I used my handy dandy Wilton icing scrapers (if you’re feeling fancy, NY Cake has a cake lace spreading knife) and Wilton cookie sheet. I use Wilton brand dusting brushes also.

Sugar Lace Mat by Beasea

Helpful Tips

  • As I mentioned above, if you decide to go with the sugar dress by Martellato, you will use just a tad bit less water than listed in the instructions.
  • When spreading your mixture, spread all over in each directions.
  • When scraping the excess mixture from the mat, make sure your mat is clean and all your openings in the design are free from mixture, it will be quite difficult to open up any closed holes once the lace has dried.
  • Once you have applied one layer, let it dry some and apply another layer. This will result in a much sturdier piece of lace.
  • Oven dry (set your oven on the lowest setting possible) and make sure there are no moist areas prior to removing the lace
  • Remove your lace from the mat CAREFULLY! Work upwards and across, with a design like the one above, extra care is needed when removing the upper part of the design.
  • Allow your fondant to dry before attaching the lace to your cake or cupcakes.
  • Do not over over do it with the edible glue or water when attaching the lace.
  • Sugar lace does not pair well with whipped icing!

Sugar lace is by far one of the easiest techniques to use, it just requires patience. Once you’ve done it a few times it’ll be a breeze!

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