Slicing Wedding Cakes (free slicing guide inside!)

Although weddings are joyous occasion, they come with their fair share of stress. There’s months and sometimes years of planning, even then something could go wrong. Making sure you’re as prepared as possible is important.

The wedding cake is such a beautiful, yet stressful part of a wedding. Slicing the wedding cakes is an art all within itself. There is no room for error, slicing the incorrect way can lead to guest being without cake. It can also lead to misshapen slices, which means everyone isn’t getting the same amount. Making sure you have the correct utensils are important also. A quality cake knife and cake server are a must!

As bakers we inform our clients on how many servings each tier will yield, but most people are not familiar with the correct way to cut a special occasion cake. Many of us are only used to cutting concentrically (from the center) but cutting the cake straight, and creating squares of cake makes the process easier, especially when it comes to a cake with 4 or more tiers. I’ve created a simple slicing guide to get you started on your way.

Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk on

When slicing a tiered cake you should began by separating each tier, but since a picture of the couple cutting the cake is needed, you’ll keep the cake intact and have the couple cut a small piece from the bottom tier. Once the happy couple completed their ceremonial cut, the tiers can be removed and cut to served guest.

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